All across South India, where products like pickles and vermicelli have their
largest consumers, Chinni's has become the label for nutrition, quality,
value-for-money and convenience. An expansion of Chinni's offerings brought about the mouth-watering peanut candies we've become renowned for.
Innovation and novelty are the marks of market leading packaged food products like those from Chinni. Healthier, tastier and conveniently packaged products come with our tag on them.

Spicing Up Our Offerings
If you know us well, you'll know that we had phenomenal success with
our shampoo sachets. So we decided to take all the learning we received
there to some of our consumable categories. A decade ago, in 2003, Chinni's revolutionized the pickle market by introducing single serve packs with a price point per unit of 50p. Chinni's Pickle became an instant hit with consumers. Suddenly, carrying some pickles along with your lunch pack wasn't so messy
or inconvenient. We hit the mark with our convenience, variety and top quality
at phenomenal price value propositions. We first launched the pickles in
Southern and Western Indian markets. Out there, Chinni's Pickle was able
to cater to all the diverse regional taste preferences and even offered a good
selection of variants.
Soon the learning was extended to other markets across India and currently Chinni's Pickle is available in close to a million outlets across India.
Changing The Game
Pickles began to be consumed as a side dish with every meal. This was one of Chinni's game changing strategies,
so much so, that from "just a pickle", the product was perceived as "something every meal requires as an accompaniment."
We had considerable success with our marketing efforts for the product. Our ad campaigns then featured Chinni's Pickle
as the only thing that could complete a meal.

Changing Approaches
We knew that we must change with the times. We knew that we must be quick to tap into the current needs of our consumers.
In 2010, we changed track a little to arrive at a strategic benefit positioning. We wanted to make everyday food exciting and so that
is what we communicated in many of our marketing and advertising campaigns.

Healthy, Tasty Combination
Many of our consumers had to settle for locally made, hand-packaged pickles earlier on. We've now given them an equally delicious alternative that is hygienically packed. We intend to continue keeping our promise of making healthier, tastier and innovative options that our consumers will love.