Raaga Professional brings you the most revolutionary spa product -Cleansing Body Massage Oil.
Raaga's Cleansing Body Massage Oil is post massage oil that effectively removes the excess oil after a body massage. The main ingredient in this blend, which is Lemon Oil, balances the skin oils, to give a fresh feel after a massage.
Now, there is no need for a shower after a massage. Just apply this Cleansing Oil, wipe with a hot, moist towel and you are good to go!
Raaga Professional Cleansing Body Massage Oil gives a clean fresh feel after body massage with the help of a unique blend of natural oils.
  • Lemon oil, the key ingredient of this product, is well known for its astringent effect and acts as a natural toner for oily skin. Rich in Vitamin C, it is an important supplement for healthy skin.
  • Mineral, sunflower and Almond Oil - these are the other nourishing oils, which are premixed with the main oils for easy applicability.