Culinary Paste

Ginger Paste
Ginger has been used as both seasoning and medicine for over 50 years. During the middle ages, it was used against the plague. It is used to treat ailments from the common cold to headaches. Ginger has several culinary applications. It is used as a seasoning in food to bring out the flavour in your meals. Ground ginger adds flavour to salad dressings, soups, curries, meats, and desserts. Ginger in syrup is used in jams, sauces, baked goods and beverages too. Ruchi Magic brings you fresh Ginger paste which
you can use to whip up something special for your family and friends.

Garlic Paste
Historically, Garlic's medicinal properties were discovered by the Egyptians. For more stamina and efficiency, Garlic was given
to the slaves who built the pyramids. Today Garlic is a staple ingredient in cooking, especially in Indian cuisines. It adds flavour
to a host of different kinds of food. It is used as a dip as well. Ruchi Magic brings you a fresh, wholesome Garlic paste
to help you surprise your family with food that tangles the taste buds.

Ginger Garlic Paste
India is truly a diverse country, with a wide mix of communities and cultures. This diversity in society has led to a heterogeneous cuisine preference among Indians. So the demand to satisfy everybody's individual needs is massive. CavinKare has understood the growing trend among consumers for choice; it was noticed that while Ginger paste and Garlic paste was available separately, there was a demand for good quality Ginger Garlic paste. Ruchi Magic brings you a heavenly mix of Ginger Garlic paste which can be used by chefs to concoct succulent dishes through the week.

Tamarind Paste
Tamarind is a fruit which is very palatable when it’s ripe. It is an essential ingredient in savoury dishes and it also finds
an application as a pickling agent. Ruchi Magic Tamarind paste is a ready-to-use cooking paste. It has a strong, sour taste
which goes well with several Asian cuisines, especially Indian.