Cavin's Curd

CavinKare's new dairy business, the CavinKare Dairy Division, is one of our new ventures. Our dairy products include milk, curd, butter, flavoured milk, etc.
The first product, Cavin's milk was launched on 14th January, 2009. The milk procured from village farms is sent for processing at CavinKare's state-of-the-art dairy plant. CavinKare is known for its fresh and hygienically processed products. Our brand of milk is brought directly from the farmers and processed through modern technology to retain its freshness and complete nutritional value.
The stringent adherence to the strictest standards, ensure that each product
offers the highest quality.

New Cavin's curd is made from standardized milk, so it's deliciously tasty and has a rich, creamy texture. A great source of protein and calcium, Cavin's curd is made using specially selected microbial cultures under stringent and hygienic quality standards. Regular intake of Cavin's curd helps digestion and improves health. So, grab Cavin's curd and give your family the creamy taste of good health!