Cavin's Diet Panneer

Apart from the regular 'Soft Panneer', Cavin's has also introduced an innovative product for the more health conscious - 'Cavin's Diet Panneer' – another first in the market after such past successes in their list of innovative new entries to the market such as the 120 days shelf life milk in a pouch, the delicious Cavin's Milkshakes and more recently curd in a 1 kg bucket format.

Cavins Diet Panneer contains 70% less fat and 20% more protein when compared to regular Paneer making it an ideal indulgence and healthy meal for the whole family. What's more, unlike most diet foods that are seldom tasty, Cavin's Diet Panneer that is rich in protein and made with the natural goodness of milk is guaranteed to keep your taste buds drooling as well.