Cavin’s Flavoured Milk

Cavin’s Flavoured Milk is a refreshing and nutritious, milk based beverage.
It is best enjoyed when chilled. The brand’s strengths are exceptional taste
and unmatched quality.

Our flavoured milk range contains superior ingredients and the milk is freshly procured directly from farms. Our processing facilities operate under stringent quality standards, keeping the products in this range fresh with all their natural nutrients intact. The product is hygienically manufactured at CavinKare’s
state-of-the-art production facilities at Erode.
Cavin’s Flavoured Milk is available in four flavours – Kesar Badam, Pista, Strawberry and Coffee Toffee.

Kesar Badam Flavour
Cavin’s Kesar Badam Flavored Milk is packed with energy and makes for a very refreshing drink. It’s all the goodness of milk enhanced with the rich flavour
of kesar and badam.
SKU size - 200ml, in glass bottles.

Pista Flavour
Cavin’s Pista Flavored Milk is a delectable blend of pista and rich, creamy milk.
SKU size - 200ml, in glass bottles.

Strawberry Flavour
Cavin’s Strawberry Flavored Milk is rich and delicious. It’s the taste of fresh, juicy strawberries with a dash of thick, creamy milk.
SKU size - 200ml, in glass bottles.

Coffee Toffee Flavour
Cavin’s Coffee Toffee Flavored Milk is a unique blend of the English toffee
and the all time favorite, coffee flavour. It is a refreshing and invigorating
option for any season.
SKU size - 200ml, in glass bottles.