CavinKare's new dairy business - CavinKare Dairy Division, is one of our new ventures. Our dairy products include milk, curd, butter, flavoured milk etc. The first product, Cavin's milk was launched on 14th January, 2009. The milk procured from village farms is sent for processing at CavinKare's state-of-the art dairy plant.

CavinKare is known for its fresh and hygienically processed products. Our brand of milk is brought directly from the farmers and processed through modern technology to retain its freshness and complete nutritional value. Quality standards at our processing facilities are stringent.

A lot of care is taken to deliver the processed milk from the plant to consumers within 24 hours. This ensures the freshness
of Cavin's products when it reaches the market. Cavin's milk is available in different variants to suit the requirements of different age groups. You know when you buy our milk that you are getting the best there is.

Standardised Milk    
Cavin's Standardised Fresh Milk has the right balance of cream, so it's rich and fresh, providing the right nourishment for growing children. It is almost
a complete meal by itself.
  200 ml  
•  Milk fat 4.5%    •  SNF 8.5%   500 ml  
  1 ltr  
5.5 ltrs  
Toned Milk    
Cavin's Toned Milk is low-fat. Both adults and children who are fitness conscious benefit from our healthy option. Its nutritive balance helps children stay fit and active.  
•  Milk fat 3%    •  SNF 8.5%   200 ml  
  250 ml  
  500 ml  
1 ltr  
Full Cream Milk    
Good fats and proteins are always great for maintaining health. Cavin's
Full Cream has the highest fat and protein content. It is rich in calcium
and helps strengthen bones and teeth. Cavin's Full Cream milk is ideal
for hotels and catering establishments. Its thick and rich texture makes
it perfect for tasty, creamy curd, lassi, milkshakes, payasam, tea and coffee.
•  Milk fat 6%       •  SNF 9%   250 ml  
500 ml  
1 ltr  
5.5 ltrs  
Double Toned Milk    
Cavin's Double Toned Milk is a tasty and nutritious option and boasts
of the lowest fat content in our range of milk. It's the preferred option especially for those who love milk but are health conscious and want to cut down
on the calories. It is best suited for tea and coffee whitening and for setting curd.
•  Milk fat 1.5%    •  SNF 9%   250 ml  
  500 ml  
  1 ltr