Discovery Research / Ingredient Development is a long term activity that aims to understand fundamental biological processes
and thereby learn to modulate such processes at a molecular level to develop superior and patentable functional ingredients.
India has a rich tradition of use of plants for human care. CRC has developed a programme to discover cosmeceuticals originating from Indian plants and that is backed by thorough scientific understanding. Development of standardized plant extract preferably with identified active molecule is the key challenge that we address. CRC focuses on developing intellectual property generated through discovery research and undertakes complete developmental work to bring products to market. Several such ingredients
are available now for out-licensing and more are under development..

Areas of Research

Natural Products Chemistry
Cell Biology & Bio-chemistry

Focus Areas

1. Modulation of Skin Pigmentation covering both promotion and reduction of melanin synthesis
2. Promotion of healthy skin covering aspects of anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients
3. Modulation of hair growth encompassing both promotion and retardation
4. Development of antimicrobials for preservative and germicidal applications, dandruff, acne etc with particular focus
on natural materials