Indica Creme Colours

Say Hello To Time
You try to make every second count in your fast paced life. But how do you keep up without letting the grooming routine slow you down? Now you can live in style even in the fast lane. Get gorgeously radiant hair in a snap with the new Indica 10 Minutes Creme Hair Colour. Its specially formulated Colour Retain Conditioner locks the colour for a longer lasting and vibrant colour result.

Just Ten Minutes?
“Is that even possible?” This is what you are probably thinking. And this was a valid concern until Indica 10 Minutes Creme Hair Colour discovered a high diffusion technology that quickly gives your hair a gorgeous, rich, long lasting colour. You know what that means, don’t you? You have the freedom to colour your hair even when you’re in a hurry!
Long Lasting Colour And 100% Grey Coverage
Indica 10 Minutes’ High – Diffusion Technology makes use of colour enhancers which promotes a faster penetration of colour. Its colour retain mechanism makes your coloured hair remain vibrant for a longer duration by locking the colour in your hair. Say good riddance to 30-45 minutes of waiting. Now 10 minutes is all you need to get a rich, long lasting colour for 100% grey coverage.
Indica 10 Minutes Creme Hair Colour also contains two Colour Retain Conditioner sachets to nourish and retain your coloured hair.
Choose Your Colour
Whether it’s black, brown or burgundy, pick your hair colour of choice and discover a new you in just 10 minutes!