Nyle Naturals Henna

Brand Nyle has a strong pedigree of satisfied consumers vouching for it and has now taken a big leap of venturing into the hair colorant space with a 100% natural Henna offering. Nyle Naturals Henna as a brand extension is infused with a mix
of natural ingredients, including the highest quality Henna, various herbs, tea leaves and almond proteins which naturally colours and conditions the hair.

With an in depth understanding of consumers in the estimated 600 crore Henna market, Nyle Naturals Henna stands for two strong points of differentiation.
It provides up to 50% darker colour than other Henna offerings and it can be made ready for application in just 30 minutes as opposed to 2-3 hours with other brands. Both of these aspects have been well researched and accepted by the consumers. More than 90% of the consumers have claimed that Nyle Naturals Henna gives the perfect shade, which is darker and richer than the other Henna products they have used.
After a successful test launch in Gujarat and Maharashtra through the second half of the financial year, 2012-13, Nyle Naturals Henna saw the light of day in the Northern and Western regions of India in the month of March, 2013. Sakshi Tanwar, a popular
and trusted celebrity will be endorsing Nyle Henna and has filmed a television advertisement for the brand. The organisation
is very confident of the credibility that she will bring to the brand. The team has observed an encouraging response and would
be entering other key markets in the East and the South in phases. Nyle Henna will now offer up to a 50% darker shade and make your Henna experience the most convenient one.
It is available in 4 sizes to suit your hair type - 15gms at Rs 6, 30gms at Rs 12, 60gms at Rs 22 and 150gms at Rs 45.