Raaga Professional has developed a revolutionary formulation which gives long lasting colour in just 10 minutes of development time through its high diffusion technology which results in faster penetration of colour in the hair cortex.
The 100% vegetable-derived complex mixture and Oil based colour actives promotes faster penetration of colour molecules, thus giving your hair the perfect coverage and perfect care.
PRO10 Express Hair colour
Raaga Professional PRO10 Express is the world’s first 10 minutes colouration technique. It is a breakthrough innovation in the professional salon products category and the HIGH DIFFUSION* technology which is a patented German formula.
It is a professional hair colour product with a complete palette of 25 shades from base to fashion shades, and three types of developers to support.
Pro10 Express is enriched with 5 essential oils which nourish the hair from deep within and causes no damage unlike other chemically patented formula
  • Olive oil - strengthens hair
  • Sesame oil - for healthy hair
  • Almond oil - retains the moisture in hair
  • Lemon oil - for lustrous hair
  • Jojoba oil - stimulates and nourishes hair making it healthier
Pro10 Express Developer cream
Raaga Professional Developer cream activates the colour shade, allowing effective penetration of rich colours to your hair cuticles, thus colouring your hair with vibrant shades. This 20 vol. 6% Developer cream is used in all basic colour procedures and lifts the shade upto two levels. Also there are 30VOL 9% and 40VOL 12% developer creams available for higher lifts of levels.