Chinni’s Energy Peanut Snack

India’s ancient heritage and its traditional methods are still popular among us all today. Our modern lives have not stripped
us off the indelible marks of our past – and nothing is more reflective of this than our food culture.

Consider the ‘chikki’ – the Indian peanut candy bar. Everyone from royalty to the common folk has enjoyed the ‘chikki’ in India
since ages past. These peanut candy bars are easy to make and so they were always the preferred snack from centuries ago.
Modern day India, even with its smartphones and fast cars, still enjoys the 'chikki'.

One of CavinKare's latest offering is Chinni's Energy Peanut Snack. We've taken the age old 'chikki' and given it a new twist.
We've fortified it with extra iron, protein and calcium and added energy-rich glucose to the mix. Chinni's Energy Peanut Snack
is the traditional 'chikki' but comes with the extra energy that can be derived from it.

Chinni's Energy Peanut Snack gives consumers a product that provides them a boost of energy for all the times they need it.
It also comes with a plethora of additional benefits such as Resveratrol, a phenolic anti-oxidant usually found in grapes
and peanuts, which help in lowering the risk of heart diseases; monounsaturated fats - beneficial for lowering
bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body; healthy fibre and Vitamin D.

With Chinni's Energy Peanut Snack you get a fine blend of tradition and modern science. What's more, it's the tastiest
and healthiest snack around.