Discovery Research/Ingredient Development is a long term activity that aims to understand fundamental biological processes
and thereby learn to modulate such processes at a molecular level to develop superior and patentable functional ingredients.
India has a rich tradition of use of plants for human care. CRC has developed a programme to discover cosmeceuticals originating from Indian plants and that are backed by thorough scientific understanding. Development of standardized plant extract preferably with identified active molecule is the key challenge that we address. CRC focuses on developing intellectual property generated through discovery research and undertakes complete developmental work to bring products to market. Several such ingredients
are available now for out-licensing and more are under development..


To be the first NABL accredited laboratory in India from the personal care industry is recognition of the commitment of the function to the highest standards of analytical excellence. The fully equipped facility with both wet and dry laboratories can undertake comprehensive analysis of Personal Care, Foods, Snacks, Beverages and Dairy products.

Product Performance

An adequately equipped advanced laboratory for evaluation of influence of products on hair and skin and provide technical support data for claims.


The laboratory routinely performs tests to ensure that the products developed can stand up to microbial challenges and meet any anti-microbial claim such as germicidal, anti-dandruff, anti-acne etc. The laboratory also screens natural products for their anti-microbial properties such as preservative uses and personal care applications.

Clinical Research

The function undertakes an extensive clinical evaluation of products to assess their efficacy in humans and also to provide claims support. It is capable of evaluating both hair care and skin care products. It undertakes all studies following ICH guidelines and through a network of dermatologists can undertake multi-centric trials.