CavinKare practices innovative processes in the recruitment arena, with the entire recruitment cycle being linked to the business strategy. Being innovative and using new technologies to support the recruitment efforts have immensely helped us in finding
the right talent with the right attitude. As CavinKare is expanding across India and the rest of the world, acquiring new businesses and merging with other businesses, we are continuously innovating new recruitment practices which help us focus on the following:
  • Becoming strategic/aligning to the business needs.
  • Responding quicker to big changes in the business/management.
  • Cost optimization.
  • Improving service levels.
  • Optimizing resource availability.

At CavinKare, we are constantly striving to raise the bar on our recruitment practices, using innovative recruitment practices
to increase efficiency and partner with business in delivering on-time proactive solutions for the business. Converting business strategies into innovative HR recruitment practices helps in the following ways:
  • Reduce time from conception of strategy to execution.
  • Customer service strategies have been translated into specific policies and recruitment strategies.
  • Achievement of financial performance because of effective execution of recruitment.