Ruchi Magic

Most historians widely consider India to be the birth place of pickles and find
its origins dating back 4000 years. In 2030 BC, Indians pickled cucumber
as a means of preserving it through the winter months. From these modest utilitarian beginnings, pickles have come a long way. Now no Indian meal
can be considered complete without a pickle to accompany it. The art of pickling has been passed down from generation to generation and has become a part
of our cultural heritage. Founded in 1981, Ruchi Magic understands the tradition
and culture that goes into making every single bottle of pickle. Using traditional recipes developed over time, Ruchi Magic Pickles has eighteen different mouth watering variants. A large, loyal and growing fan base for Ruchi Magic Pickles
will vouch for the authenticity of the pickles and the delectable taste. Ruchi Magic Pickles is firmly rooted in tradition and is incredibly tasty.

The Ruchi Magic Range – Authentic, Distinct And Healthy
  • Pickles make a tangy accompaniment to a hot plate of parathas or a tasty side dish to a bowl of curd rice.
  • Pickles are a pan-Indian delicacy. 
  • One of the lesser known facts about pickles is that they are a good source
    of nutrients.
  • Most varieties of pickles are relatively low in fat, calories and sugar, compared to other junk foods.
  • Pickles are believed to help fighting seasonal cold & flu. 
Ruchi Magic Pickles, unlike most other pickle brands have a jaw-dropping range comprising of eighteen different variants.
Ranging from Mango Thokku, Cut Mango, Lime, Garlic, Mango Avakkai, Ginger, Mix Veg, Citron, Mango Ginger, Amla, Tomato,
Tender Mango, Gongurra, Onion, Green Chilli, Red Chilli, Ginger Garlic Thokku and Tomato Garlic Thokku. Relish all your favourites!