Spinz BB

Stop using the ordinary white body talc on your face, and switch to a revolutionary new product that will make you look extraordinary.

Spinz Beauty & Brightening Talc is the World’s first BB Talc, specially formulated for the face. Spinz BB Talc comes in natural skin colour, and blends evenly , giving the skin an instant glow & a smooth feel. More Importantly, The Spinz BB Talc covers spots and blemishes, making your skin look even-toned and radiant.

You’ll get,

  • Even toned brightness
  • Instant Glow
  • Covers spots and blemishes

  • Spinz BB Talc contains minerals and is made with micro particles, to deliver a superfine texture to the skin. When applied to your face, it blends evenly covering spots and blemishes, imparting smoothness with an instant glow. Spinz BB Talc also absorbs excess oil & sweat, keeping your skin look fresh.

    Available in 4 SKU’s:

  • 100g

  • 50g

  • 30 g

  • 15 g

  • Where to find the product:

    Available in all leading stores.

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