Spinz Deo

Freshness now has a new avatar - welcome the all new Spinz Perfume Deodorants with vibrant colours and mesmerizing fragrances. It offers a long lasting freshness that keeps you going on and on. No matter where you are and what you do, just spray on the refreshing fragrances of Spinz Deo and indulge in
round-the-clock freshness. Enjoy long lasting freshness and feel refreshed and confident all day long.

The Story So Far...
When the World Cup Cricket fervour reached fever pitch in 1996, it was not just
the men who were having fun. In the offices of CavinKare, an exciting new range
of deodorants and talcs for women were taking form. Inspired by spin bowling,
the range was called 'Spinz', and was launched in the markets in 1997.

The Spinz Girls
Even when the journey to their destination isn't all roses, they find a new way to get to where they have to be. The Spinz girls carry the “let's keep going attitude” - having fun all day even when a challenge comes their way. Spinz Deodorants is what keeps them on their toes, be it day or night. With Spinz you don't just wear a fresh fragrance but also carry the confidence to handle anything.

A New Fragrance Everyday
Pick from our eight irresistible international fragrances, sourced from the finest perfumery houses across the world - Exotic, Enchante, Hip-Hop, Samba, Black Magic, Hypnotty, Rejuve and Sensitive; packed in 75ml and 150ml bottles.

Exotic and Enchante are fragrances that are sure to awaken your peppy side from dawn to dusk. When you kick start your day with a new beat and you've got your groove on, Hip-Hop is in the air with a spunky-sporty fragrance that wires you with energy! Let your hips do the talking with Samba, a feisty citrus blended aroma that keeps you alive like the dance form, 24/7; or feel fresh, active and cool with Rejuve. These two fragrances help you come alive and enjoy life non-stop.Add a little mystical charm with the mesmerizing fragrance of Hypnotty and make the world follow you in a light-headed trance.Bring lady luck into your life with Black Magic, a musky burst of floral fragrance that adds a spurt of energy in you and makes you truly invincible.

Engulf your senses with the new Sensitive with extracts of aloe vera and white orchid; a non-alcoholic perfumed deo body spray specially developed for mild skin and freedom from skin irritation.