Spinz Talc

In the dawn of 1996, the Cricket World Cup immersed the whole world in the action; but the lights were still on in the offices of CavinKare. Inspired by
spin bowling, plans for a range of exciting talcum powders were set in motion.
The range was called Spinz and it was eventually perfected and launched five years later, in 2001. The Spinz range was associated with a burst of freshness,
a dash of colours and emotion. It quickly found its way into the hearts of women
all over India.

Today, the Spinz range of products enjoys a loyal fan following among teens
and young girls, with more of them being enthralled every minute by what
we have to offer them - talcs that bring out the bubbly cheerfulness in them
through fragrances that leave them refreshed and wanting more. And that's
just the beginning of the story.

Spinz Talc is available in two unique, mesmerizing, long-lasting fragrances.
Exotic - A refreshing bouquet of mild floral fragrances.
Enchante - A bold blend of floral fragrances.
These two double impacting, pulsating fragrances help start your day while keeping you fresh for fun under the sun.