Spinz Sun Tan Remover

Now you don’t need to spend on expensive parlour visits to get Salon like fairness. You can get it in just 5 minutes with Spinz Sun Tan Remover.

Key Product benefit:
Helps remove Sun Tan** in Just 5 minutes* No Bleach

Product Usage:
1.Take about 9 gm of the Cream ( 2 finger lengths) of the cream and apply generously on your face avoiding sensitive regions like the eye contours.

2.Once the cream has be applied on the tanned area let it work its magic on your Skin for five minutes.

3. After 5 minutes wash away the cream with water and Pat dry.

4. You will find you skin detanned and radiant.

SKUs available:
25 gm Tube @ ₹ 49
50 gm tube @ ₹ 89

Where to find the product:
Available in all leading medical shop and modern trade stores.