UHT Milk

"Convenience and quality at its best", this best describes Cavin's Pure+, a product of revolutionary technology giving you milk
that lasts for 120 days, in a multilayer NEW-GEN pack. It is milk that remains fresh for months together.

Cavin's Pure+ is made from freshly procured milk from farmers and is Ultra High Temperature (UHT) treated to make it milk
with 0% bacteria. The greatest feature here is that no powder or preservatives are used in the process. It's safe to consume
even without boiling. Cavin's Pure+ also does not require refrigeration until opened.

Standardised Milk    
Cavin's Pure+ treated Standardised Milk is rich in milk cream. It provides the right nourishment for growing children. It is naturally rich in calcium, minerals and milk protein making it wholesome, rich and nutritious. Children especially love its creamy taste. It can be consumed plain or as fresh or cold milk with breakfast cereals, or even in home-made milkshakes and other quick meals.
Cavin's Pure+ Standardised Milk is 100% pure, healthy and long-lasting.
It's tailor-made for your convenience.
•  Milk fat 4.5%    •  Milk SNF 8.5%   200 ml  
  500 ml  
  5.5 ltrs  
Toned Milk    
Cavin's Pure+ UHT treated Toned Milk has the right amount of milk cream
and nutrition for the whole family. It is naturally rich in calcium, minerals
and milk protein. It’s nutritious and perfect for tea, coffee, plain milk
and flavoured milk.
Cavin's Pure+ Toned Milk is 100% pure, healthy and long-lasting.
It's a convenient option for the fitness conscious.
• Milk fat 3% • SNF 8.5%   200 ml  
  500 ml  
Double Toned Milk    
Cavin's Pure+ UHT treated Double Toned Milk is low in fat but high in calcium and proteins. It's the ideal milk for older people and the health conscious.
Its minimal amount of fat content ensures lesser calories, while maintaining the taste and nutrition of regular milk.
Cavin's Pure Double Toned Milk is rich in whey protein, the healthy proteins naturally present in milk. Its why this option in our range is great for those
who want to enhance their muscle development. Whey protein also works
as an antioxidant to boost the body's immune system*.
Cavin's Pure+ Double Toned Milk is 100% pure, healthy and long-lasting.
•  Milk fat 1.5%    •  SNF min .9%   200 ml  
500 ml  
1 ltr  
Diet Milk    
Cavin's Diet+ Diet Milk has zero* fat and therefore zero cholesterol.It contains 60% less calories than full fat milk, Cavin's Diet is a rich source of dietary calcium, ideal for maintaining strong, healthy bones and teeth.
One glass (approximately 200ml) of Cavin's Diet+ provides you approximately 65%** RDA of calcium for adults.
Cavin's Diet+ is high on taste and low on calories. For the connoisseurs,
it brings the perfect blend of fine flavour and fitness!
• Milk fat max 0.1% • SNF min 8.7%   200 ml  
  500 ml