Successful organizations are founded on strong value systems. CavinKare has the following 5 Values based on which all
interactions within and outside the organisation takes place.

Definition And Actionable Points Of Values & Beliefs
Ethical Behaviour Excellence Innovation Ownership Stakeholder's Delight
Actionable Points
Ethical Behaviour The company values honesty and truthfulness in all its interactions and shall be fair in all its dealings with people inside and outside the organization. We will fulfill all promises and commitments.
I will not tolerate any actions of dishonesty and
will highlight the same to the appropriate person
in the company. I will create an environment that
is conducive for practicing ethical behaviour.

The company highly values, all efforts that lead to high standards in every day work and results. We shall attempt to be the best in class in everything we choose to work on. We shall encourage any individual or collective effort in promoting excellence. I will continuously strive to raise my bar
of performance and that of my team members too.
I will achieve excellence by demonstrating proactiveness, rigor in planning, speed
and perseverance in my every day work. I will
not only achieve what is expected from me,
in the given time frame but also exceed expectations.
Innovation The company values innovative approaches and innovative solutions in our regular work life. We will always look for newer, better ways of doing things; we will seek new ideas to solve problems; we will experiment with new concepts, ideas and solutions to deliver unique products and services. I will continuously develop unique and differentiating ideas which would benefit the stakeholder
or business. I will develop breakthrough ideas
and experiment on a regular basis. I will create
an environment that will enable idea generation.
Ownership The company values the individual belief
of ownership, accountability and achievement orientation. All our employees are an integral part of the company
and have a high stake in its well-being,
as well as in shaping its destiny. Individually or collectively, we assume responsibility for all our actions and their consequences.We jointly share the company's objectives, and the onus
is on us to make it happen.
I will take responsibility for all my actions and shall not pass the buck. It is my responsibility to guard
and protect the interests/property of my company.
I will make myself accountable to the outcomes
and I will also ensure that my team demonstrates
the same.
Stakeholder’s Delight The company values all stakeholders
and believes that all of them deserve
the best from us. We shall aim not just
to satisfy them but deliver more than their expectations, in order to delight them. (Stakeholders include both internal
and external consumers, customers, employees, vendors, financial institutions, government agencies and share holders).
I will constantly strive to exceed the expectation
of all the stakeholders (stakeholders refers
to the consumers, customers, employees, financial institutions, government agencies and shareholders of the company).