Karthika Shampoo

Treat your hair to the nourishing care of Karthika Shampoo. Perfected by a team
of our expert scientists, Karthika Shampoo pampers your hair, making it naturally long and thick. It is filled with a host of traditional ingredients like Shikakai
and Kunkudukai. Using Karthika Shampoo is the ideal approach to make your hair look its ravishing best.

Karthika brings you two holistic shampoos.
Karthika Kunkudukai Shampoo
Concocted from the goodness of Reetha and Hibiscus, Karthika Kunkudukai Shampoo keeps your hair clean and healthy.
It is available in 50ps and Re.1 sachets, and in 40ml and 100ml bottles.
Karthika Shikakai Shampoo
Enriched from the goodness of Shikakai and Hibiscus, it eliminates dandruff
and naturally conditions your hair. Add more luster to your hair with
Karthika Shikakai Shampoo.
It is available in Re.1 sachets, and in 40ml & 100ml bottles.

Rediscover the goodness of tradition with Karthika.