What’s special about us?

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We are obsessed with innovation and we are successful at it too.

66% NPD success ratio compared to <5% industry norm.

Transformed from a pure Personal Care player to a FMCG conglomerate with expertise in Dairy, Snacks, Food, Beverages,Professional Care and Salon business.

Single R&D centre focuses on development of differentiated, innovative and proprietary products for all businesses.

Retail focussed distribution network.


The Sachet Revolution

Starting our journey with Chik Shampoo, a landmark innovation that democratized
the use of shampoos among the masses in India

“What the rich man can enjoy, the poor man should be able to afford.” 
- Late Sri R. ChinniKrishnan, Father of The Sachet Revolution

When multinational companies were selling their shampoos in big bottles, which only the rich could afford, Mr. ChinniKrishnan was exploring rural areas of South India, where shampoos were hardly used. When he demonstrated them how to use shampoos, he could see their interest in using them. Shampoo was not seen as just another product. It was seen as an aspiration that separated the rich from others. Bringing shampoo to the masses was not just a great business idea that would shake the fundamentals of MNCs. It was the beginning of a new revolution where a common man could dream of big things & rewrite India's history.

The Sachet Revolution