CavinKare’s contribution in preventing & managing  Covid-19 Pandemic

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic is a challenge to humanity and India too is facing the spectre of social and economic lock-down.  As a corporate citizen, the company has risen to the occasion and has actively pursued several actions to serve the society as well as to minimize risk to its employees.
To strengthen the national effort to contain the spread of the infection, the company has expeditiously developed andcommercialized a range of products to sanitize hand and surfaces. The products were made available in different pack sizes – from 5 litre bulk packing to affordable sachet at Rs.1/-, making safety an affordable reality for the masses. The company is continuing to work on more projects to strengthen its anti-microbial range of products.
Well being of employees has always been one of the hallmarks of the philosophy of the Company. To ensure safety of its employees, very early on – well before formal official directives – the Company initiated several steps. It started curtailing travels since early March, followed by work from home whenever possible. Wherever travel was unavoidable such as for the field staff, the company provided them with thorough training and support to keep themselves safe. Comprehensive and regular sanitation of manufacturing facilities and vehicles is active. Personnel have been trained in intensive personal hygiene practices and ways to maintain safe social distancing norms.Also everyday check-up of employees for signs of infection is being practiced. It is a great satisfaction that all employees of the company are safe.
Maintaining precautionary measures like checking the employees for the temperature at the time of entry itself,  deployment of minimum workforce with sufficient social distancing, periodic hand wash and hygiene procedures (including protective masks & gears)  and upkeep of welfare of the employees of its manufacturing facilities is the hall mark of our organisation’s way of fighting the pandemic.   As a law abiding corporate citizen, the Company continuously keeps following  all statutory and regulatory requirements issued by Local, State and Central Government Authorities from time to time. 
The company will continue to relentlessly contribute to minimize the impact of the pandemic on its employees and the society.
1. SOP-Handling of hand sanitizers against – Fire Hazard
2. SOP-Handling of Hand sanitizers – Retailer
3. SOP-Handling of Hand sanitizers – Logistics
4. SOP-Handling of Hand sanitizers – Depot