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2 Nov 2017
Nominations for the CavinKare Ability Awards are now open. CavinKare and Ability Foundation jointly invite nominations for the CavinKare Ability Awards 2018, from across the country. This is the 16th. . .
2 Nov 2017
Mr. Ramachandran – HR Stories
It is a good idea to begin the conversation with positive feedback and then lead up to the part of the discussion where the employee is given suggestions on performance. . .
2 Nov 2017
Garden – Industry story on chips market
… “Quality and freshness are very important for us. We try to provide the best volume,” he says. “Once the consumer is satisfied with the quality of the product, they. . .
2 Nov 2017
Meera – Oil bath stories
According to Ayurvedic literature, one of the important causes of hairfall is excessive body heat,” says Lakshmi Thiyagarajan, Principal Scientist, CavinKare, R&D. . . .
30 Oct 2017
Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards 2017
The Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards honours small innovative entrepreneurs and identifies growing small-scale enterprises and their ability to be scalable. Established in 2011, the award commemorates the memory of the late. . .
20 Mar 2017
Chinnikrishnan Innovation Awards 2017 – Event
With little over 80 per cent of the population earning less than $2 per day in India, sachet format — small packs — will be the right business model for. . .
20 Mar 2017
CavinKare Ability Awards 2017 – Call for nomination –activity
CavinKare and Ability Foundation invite nominations for the 15th edition of ‘CavinKare Ability Awards’ for achievers with disabilities. People with disabilities are recognised and honoured for their path-breaking achievements, said. . .
20 Mar 2017
CavinKare Ability Awards – 2017
The CavinKare Ability Special Recognition Award was given to Divyanshu Gunatra of Pune, who is visually impaired and is a clinical psychologist, corporate trainer as well a mountaineer and scuba. . .
20 Mar 2017
Cavin’s Walk India Campaign
Cavin’s associates with the Trust’s ‘WALK INDIA’ campaign making it their record breaking distribution . . .
20 Mar 2017
Milking the local connections
Two hyperlocal dairy brands, Aavin and Nandini, are building capacity and tightening supply chains as they rise up the popularity charts