Miraculous Benefits Of Using Shikakai For Hair

12 Jan 2023
Miraculous Benefits Of Using Shikakai For Hair

Miraculous Benefits Of Using Shikakai For Hair

We hear about Shikakai all the time from our grandmothers. But is it that beneficial? Let’s find out!  

For those who don’t know, it is a natural herb used in powder form as an ingredient in hair care products. There are various claims that it can help strengthen the hair and reduce hair fall and dandruff. Some people also use it for itchy scalp. Also, some believe it helps make the hair thick and shiny.

So, without further ado, let’s learn the truth. Scroll ahead to read where does this natural ingredient come from and what are the benefits of using Shikakai for hair.

Shikakai: Ayurvedic History

“Shikakai is also known as ‘Shika’ in Tamil, which basically means “fruit for hair.” It is a shrub-like tree that is found in the tropical woods of the Indian subcontinent. Astonishingly, it has a long history in Ayurveda treating hair problems like grey hair, dandruff, dull hair, etc.

The fruits or pods of this plant contain Vitamin A, C, K, and D and is loaded with antioxidants that restore the pH level of your hair.

To use Shikakai, the fruit pod is dried in the sun and then ground to form a fine powder. The interesting thing is that this powder has various anti-bacterial characteristics. Therefore, it is used as a cleansing agent that cleanses your hair without losing its natural moisture.

You must be excited to know more about it, so let’s move ahead quickly! 

The Numerous Benefits Of Using Shikakai For Hair

Shikakai has a bunch of benefits for our hair health!

Also, it can act as a gentle cleanser, detangle our hair, add shine, and make our hair soft and smooth. Plus, shikakai contains antioxidants and vitamins essential for healthy hair growth. So, not only does shikakai make our hair look amazing on the outside, but it also helps to nourish our hair from the inside out!

Cleanses And Nourishes Your Hair

The saponins, vitamins, and antioxidants in Shikakai have cleansing properties that lather your hair mildly. Therefore, it is ideal for sensitive scalps and those seeking a gentle cleansing solution. Speaking of which, if you are looking for a mild cleanser with the goodness of Shikakai, we have an instant solution for you. Meera hair fall care shampoo contains Shikakai & Almonds that deeply nourish your hair and cleanse it without any hassle.

Heals Your Scalp And Prevents Dryness

Shikakai has cooling properties that help to ease an irritated scalp. Also, Shikakai encourages sebum production, which can help to moisturize a dry scalp. Although, the ideal way to deal with dry hair is to use Shikakai hair oil. Get Truthsome’s Moringa and Shikakai oil, which is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and also relieves you from dry and frizzy hair.

Boosts Hair Growth

If you’re freaking out about hair loss, you must try Shikakai because it is rich in antioxidants and fights dull hair fall like a pro. It deeply nourishes your hair and boosts your hair growth. Furthermore, you may easily find a Shikakai herbal shampoo in your nearby stores for hair growth.

Prevents Dreadful Split Ends   

Split-ends are a real problem to deal with nowadays. And keeping long beautiful hair has become impossible. However, Shikakai can stop the growth of split-ends in the first place.

Delays Greying Of Hair

Harsh chemicals and stressful lifestyles can lead to greying of hair. Scientifically, chemical hair treatments and harsh hair color products only make the situation worse.

The ultimate solution is Shikakai! It prevents the untimely greying of hair and restores your natural color.

Makes Your Hair Soft And Shiny

Shikakai is an excellent ingredient if you want natural bounce and shine in your hair. Achieve soft and shiny hair and choose Shikakai natural shampoo instead of trying thousands of chemical-based products.

Now, let’s quickly jump on some easy ways to use Shikakai for hair care.


We know that Shikakai is a healthier alternative to cleaning your hair. Why not start using it? 

The most effective, safe, and quick method is to use Shikakai enrich shampoos and conditioners. However, there’s also a traditional method that your grandmothers may have taught you. It’s time to implement!

  • Use shikakai powder by making a hair mask with curd to effectively deal with dandruff and dryness.
  • Although, another nourishing hair hack is to mix an egg in your Shikakai powder paste, which improves hair health.
  • Also, you can use Shikakai hair oil to nourish and deeply condition your scalp.
  • Lastly, Prepare a cleansing remedy by mixing shikakai with honey. This will make your hair shiny and soft.

For the above remedies, you can buy Karthika Shikakai powder from our website or order it from Amazon. Karthika Shikakai powder is an amazing combination of hibiscus and Shikakai that fights all your hair problems and deeply restores moisture. It is 100% easy and safe to use.

We hope this blog has given you insights into the benefits of using Shikakai for hair. If you have any queries about our haircare products, send them to us at!

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